Easy from start to finish!

April, 22 2013 by Aaron

It was our first time to Maui, and also our first attempt at paddle boarding. The drop off and pick up was fast, easy, and perfect for us. The boards were in great shape, the water behaved for us (like always) and we had a blast. We recomended these guys to everyone on the beach who asked, and I would call them again without hesitation.

About Island Surfboard Rentals – Maui’s premiere surfboard & SUP – Stand Up paddle board rentals service!

We care! And we are here to help!
Our clients satisfaction and pleasant experience is our top priority! we are dedicated to provide the best surfboard & paddle board rentals service on Maui, and we will go the extra mile to ensure it.

Our concept
Is very simple! To save you hassle of driving around looking for a surfboard or paddle board rentals, stressing about returning it on time, not to mention the time you wasted doing so.
We will come to you! We will free delivery the board directly to your location and come to pick it up for free, with flexible time schedule and your convenient in mind.

Our team

With over 20 years of water sport experience and Maui waters knowledge will always make sure that you get the most suitable board and Guide you with the most relevant information to ensure your pleasant experience and safety.

Our boards

We offer a wide selection of quality recreational & performance surfboards and paddle board rentals from top brands and model.

Good Coice!

Nov 23, 2011 by Patrick Hamilton

The service by Island Surfboards was fantastic. I rented a Stand Up
Paddle board and a 7 foot Town & Country shortboard. Prior to my trip ISR
e-mailed some pictures of some choices for board rentals so I could pick
exactly what I wanted. It was all set in advance the boards would be
there at the hotel when I arrived. Then…the snow storm hit as we were
about to leave on the trip. We were delayed and snowed in for two days.
No problem. A quick e-mail to ISR and they changed the delivery of the
boards. We were able to extend the trip by two days. It was totally
easy. Another e-mail to ISR and they picked up the boards when we left.
It was great to not have to bring my board to the airport and pay the
ridiculous baggage fees and then worry if they were going to get there
when I did. I will never bring my own board again. It was also really
fun to try the Stand Up Board. I would not have had a chance to do that
without Island Surboard Rentals.